Is it Time to Sell Your Used Wheelchair Van in NY?

Is it time to upgrade your existing wheelchair lift van in NY? Maybe you no longer have a need for that handicap conversion vehicle sitting in your driveway. At AMS Vans of NY we want to help by offering to buy your used handicap van in New York. Our focus has always been on the customer - that's what sets us apart from our competitors. We understand that mobility needs can vary from year to year and we're committed to serving you every mile of the way - even if you no longer have use for your handicapped accessible van.

Selling your used handicap van in NY has never been easier! Simply fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible for a quick, fast, and friendly quote. We offer certified quotes from AMS Vans, Inc., who you can rely on us for a fair and honest assessment.

At AMS Vans of New York, our desire is to provide you with an accurate used handicap van or vehicle value. In order to do this we'll need you to complete the form below. Please provide us with the most honest and accurate information possible. All offers are based on the information you provide. If the mobility van or vehicle isn't represented accurately we have the right to withdraw the offer once the vehicle is inspected by our pick-up driver.

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