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AMS Vans of New York gives you an easy way to sell or trade your used vehicle. We offer trade in quotes for just about any type of automobile. From sports cars to trucks or minivans to off road vehicles, we can assist you with a trade in value.

Using Kelley Blue Book, NADA and Manheim Market Report, we utilize these auto industry tools to appraise your vehicle quickly and fairly. We know your time is important and you can trust that AMS Vans of NY. will give you a fair assessment quickly and thoroughly. All trade in values are based on the information that we receive from you, so please represent your vehicle honestly.

Once your vehicle information has been received, we'll make every effort to provide you with a quote within twenty-four hours. After we agree on a trade in price, we'll set up a day and time for one or our trained evaluators to inspect your vehicle.

Please note* All offers are based on the information you provide. If your vehicle isn't represented accurately, we reserve the right to withdrawal the offer, once the vehicle is inspected by our pick-up driver. This is the same courtesy that we offer our customers when they purchase a wheelchair accessible van from us.

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