Get Safe Accessible Vans in New York

AMS Vans of New York customers can rest assured that every converted van from the AMS Vans Fleet meets and exceeds the highest safety standards in the marketplace.

AMS Vans believes that safety should come standard on every wheelchair accessible van we sell. We are the worldwide distributor of the Adaptive Mobility Systems (AMS) conversion. AMS voluntarily participates in the crash testing of their side and rear entry conversion vans and cooperates with testing regulations from the National Highway Transportation Safety Authority (NHTSA). In fact, AMS is the first - and so far only - handicap conversion van manufacturer to successfully complete NHTSA's new crash standards.

AMS Vans of New York only sells AMS vans because we believe they are the strongest and safest in the industry. Unlike most manufacturers, AMS refuses to cut-out the rocker panel boxes on their conversion vehicles. Before you buy an accessible van, please review the manufacturer's conversion process. Most to of the handicap conversion companies split rocker panel boxes along the side of the vehicle in an attempt to advertise more interior space. AMS refuses to manufacture vans in this fashion; they believe this process compromises the integrity of the frame. Perhaps this is why AMS is the only accessible van manufacturer to successfully pass all three NHTSA crash standards. Contact us today for more information regarding our Ability Advantage Vehicles.
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